Why Use Display Food? Here are the Reasons Why…

Japanese Sampuru

Display fake food has been regarded as a marketing tool in order to increase the amount of sales effectively. From the very first day, it is possible to enhance sale in the restaurant with the delicious fake food props on the display. Engagement of the customer towards the food can be build up through the fake food display. By looking at Japanese fake food, customers are attracted towards it. These display fake foods are made by excellent craftsmen. Therefore, it becomes quite hard to distinguish from the real ones. Through the fake display food, appetite is generated that is beyond control. Desire to taste the food on the display can be seen within the customers quite naturally. It is believed that 40% of the customers take entry within the restaurant after looking at the display fake foods.

Reasons to use Fake Food Props:

Removal of doubt

Certain amount of fear is noticed among the people with the food that is not known to them at all. Therefore, confusion is seen in the mind before going in to an unknown restaurant. Expensive nature of the restaurant can be a reason behind it. Mouthwatering nature of the food can be doubted as well.

Fake food prop offers an idea about the cuisine in addition to ingredients. Serving size can be known in due course. In most occasions display fake food comes with the price tag, name and calorie content naturally. If you manage to look at the serving beforehand then an idea about the expenses and cuisine can be made quite easily.

Requires lesser time to order

Based on the Japanese sampuru, orders are made in the restaurant. Time is not required to select and analyze the menu. In this way, it becomes possible to serve more amount of customer every day.

Bills are increased

If customer looks at the display fake food then more inclination for order can be observed. Therefore, the customer may order a snack item along with the tea. In most occasions, dinner or lunch is ordered in these restaurants. Positive feedback from unknown people is also a reason for increase in sales.

Decorative display window

For the entrance, fake food display has been considered best possible decoration. Due to brightly lit nature of the restaurant, attractive character of the fake display food can be enhanced further.

Stay ahead from the competition

In comparison to traditional display, decorations with the fake food props attract more number of customers. By advertising the mouth watering meals of the restaurant in this manner, restaurants have gained customer for years. Now-a-days, similar strategies have been emulated by the restaurateur from other countries.

Decreasing budget for advertisement

In order to advertise through banners, flyers and poster, marketing campaign is continued through an adequate source of payment. However, fake food prop is bought for once only. Due to high quality of these props, it can be used for extended amount of time without any further hassle. In this way, budget of the advertisement is reduced.

For above reasons, food models are utilized by the restaurateurs generally.

Exit Planning from Business

Have you created an exit strategy to leave business? It is possible to have a desire to go public selling in order to ensure highest amount of bid from buyer. Through a perfect exit planning, retirement can be handled adequately. However, you can leave the company in the hand of next generation as well.

Due to lack of planning, problems can be observed in future. It is especially true for small business. In case of a death, disability and retirement, trouble can be faced in order to run a company. If there is an exit strategy in place then company can be transferred successfully without any hassle. Possibility of creating strategy can be observed on the basis of liquidation, friendly buyers, management and IPO.

Business owners invest their valuable time for survival and growth instead of exit planning. They even try to stay active after retirement as well. Exit strategy is not created exclusively for the accidental incidents. It also helps to transfer the business to a successor but understand that there may be some applicable business broker fees involved. In this way, owner can easily hang their boots and ensure a pleasurable life.

Create an exit planning

Common exit planning cannot be located in every possible business. Through an exit strategy of SCORE, plan can be developed in five steps. Practical decisions are mostly taken in due course. By implementing a perfect plan, an excellent future can be guaranteed.

How to choose an exit strategy for business

Companies are started for various kinds of reasons. Purpose of the company can create an influence on the exit planning as well. It is possible to give up some shares of company in order to exit from business gradually. In case, a company already has stake holder then they can give their input for exit strategy as well.

Role of the owner in future:

If you want to manage the company in future then it is necessary to go with an exit strategy of management buyout or IPO. For an accurate valuation of your business, check out this business valuation calculator. Similar role can be played by the team in the process. Core team of the company can be changed in case of strategic acquisition. Due to problems in a company, it can be considered as best possible solution.

Requirement of liquidity:

In order to obtain benefit of the hard work, business owner often chooses liquidity as a part of exit strategy. Individual can take advantage from this situation quite naturally. It is not possible to get similar amount of effect from every strategy. Due to an IPO, owner cannot sale the shares further. It can be locked forever. Even after the acquisition is completed, shares are not sold for minimum six months. Through strategic acquisition, immediate cash can be generated. In this way, amount of liquidity can be increased further. However, price for transfer is given at the end of period. In some cases, period can be extended to several years. Liquidity is mostly offered to the original owner after certain time period.

As a part of strategy, partners can be taken from outside. However, partner may look for the amount of liquidity in due course.

By looking at these exit strategies, an adequate exit planning can be chosen for the company.

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A Look Towards the UEFA Super Cup


This year’s UEFA Super Cup will see two La Liga rivals battle it out at the Cardiff City Stadium at the European stage. Sevilla FC and the mighty Real Madrid, each will be looking forward to take home The UEFA Super Cup for the second time in the competition’s history.

Real Madrid won the cup in 2002 while Sevilla FC won it in the year 2006. Real Madrid qualified for the competition as the winners for the UEFA champion’s league in Lisbon against fellow city archrivals Atletico Madrid. This was their tenth European title. On the other hand, Sevilla made it to the competition after beating SL Benefica of Portugal on penalties. This was Sevilla’s third success in the UEFA Europa League competition. This year’s UEFA Super Cup competition is the fourth in history involving teams from the same country. It happened in 1990, 1993 and the year 2006.   This year’s competition will act as a homecoming match for the Madrid’s forward Gareth Bale. Bale was born in Cardiff.

Cardiff will witness a Spanish flavour in this year’s competition as Sevilla FC take on Real Madrid. The game will offer an extra significance for the Cardiff born Gareth Bale. Bale was born in July 1989 in Cardiff, but he never played for Cardiff City FC being his local side. He began his career at Southampton FC before he made his move to Tottenham Hotspur FC. In 2013, August, he became the most expensive player in the world after moving from Tottenham to Real Madrid for a whooping 86 million pounds. However, he has managed to score four goals for Wales in his ten appearances at the Cardiff City Stadium.

This is the fourth time Real Madrid are playing in the UEFA Super Cup competition. They qualified after overcoming their city rivals Atletico Madrid 4-1, after going into extra time in Lisbon. The Atletico Madrid’s goal was scored by Diego Gordin on the 36th minute while Real Madrid’s tenth European Cup trophy was firmly sealed by Sergio Ramos at the 90+3 minute, Gareth Bale on the 110th minute, Marcelo Junior on the 118th minute and then summed up by the Cristiano Ronaldo’s penalty on the 120th minute.

On the other hand, Sevilla were in need of penalties so as to emerge victorious as the UEFA Europa League champions over the SL Benefica, in Turin. They prevailed on a penalty shoot out of 4-2. Sevilla managed to score all of their four penalties while Beto, Sevilla’s goalkeeper saved from Rodrigo and Oscar Cardozo. This result gave Sevilla a UEFA cup trophy in 3 times just within a span of nine years. They emerged winners in 2006 and also in the year 2007.

When looking at the UEFA Super Cup pedigree, we see this year’s competion being the fourth for Real Madrid. The three previous competition were all played in the Stade Louis in Monaco. Madrid have won in one occasion and lost twice. In 1998, they were beaten 1-0 by Chelsea FC. Came 2000, they were smashed by Galatasaray FC on a 2-1 final score, but in 2002, they managed to smash Feyenoord 3 goals to one . On Sevilla’s side, they have managed to win the competion once and beaten once. Its both games were also played in Monaco. The first was in 2006, where Sevilla beat FC Barcelona 3-0. Come the year 2007, they were beaten 3-1 by AC Milan.

The current coach for Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti, was at the helm of AC Milan in 2007 when it beat Sevilla. The match was largely overshadowed by the demise of Antonio Puerta who was Sevilla’s defender, three days before the match.

This becomes the fourth competition in the UEFA Cup history between clubs of the same country. In the year 2006, Sevilla battled it out with Barcelona, in 1990 we saw Milan beat UC Sampdoria, where Carlo Ancelotti played the all 180 minutes that by then was a two legged final. Three years later, Milan lost to Parma.

This years final is expected to elicit the 2007 memory at Monaco, between Sevilla and Carlo Ancelotti as by then the coach of AC Milan. Sevilla will be looking to settle their scores with the coach as a revenge for what they went through. The 2014 edition is expected to be the battle of giants, and what better to enjoy the game between La Liga foes by risking a little on the action. For the latest odds concerning the upcoming match, be sure to visit the UK’s most trusted bookie, Bet365.